According Cabat, in ancient times people married not because he was in love, but because the marriage had been arranged by the parents to gain valuable land, livestock and often to unite two families. The beautiful wedding rings was an initial payment to the family of the bride. The ring was also a way for the groom to prove his honorable intentions. According Enstein today the engagement ring serves as a promise to marry the bride and wedding ring for many couples is an indicator of wealth. Many brides prefer rings to match. Some couples prefer to engrave their rings with special messages only know the bride and groom as a sign of loyalty.


Find a jeweler who specializes in creating jewelry products . It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask what kind of experience they have. Note that you will most likely have to leave your engagement ring jewelry.

beautiful wedding rings

Make an appointment with a jeweler to discuss your plans. Consider taking your family with you. Ask how long it will take to make the wedding band. Also ask if the jeweler offers a warranty for their work.

Take the engagement ring to the event along with a picture of the ring. Mark on the back of the picture you want to make changes. For example, if your engagement ring is a diamond of a carat and a half, but you want the wedding ring has a half carat diamond, you need to tell him. It also marks the recorded below that you want him to do on both rings.

Pick up your wedding ring at least two weeks before it is to occur. For many couples, the wedding is hectic week, so you should have plenty of time to design quick fixes or if there are discrepancies in size.