Winter involves a magical wonderland of snowflakes and holidays, but winter weather can cause incredible damage to the skin and body. Care Bad body during cold weather can lead to dehydration, cracking and diseases of the uncomfortable and unsightly skin. There are several ways to maintain a beautiful appearance for the winter without spending money on expensive beauty products.

Daily Hydration

Use a facial moisturizer every morning to keep your skin with a fresh and soft feeling. You can suffer from sunburn in the winter, especially if you’re on the slopes, so choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen and natural moisturizer such as vitamin E.

maintain a beautiful appearance


During the winter, exercise several times a week. Exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight naturally, it also increases blood flow to all parts of your body. Be flexible and prevents muscle stiffness that sometimes occurs during cold weather (see Reference 2).

Take a shower at least possible

Drink plenty of water during the winter to help your body stay hydrated. Showering or bathing too much can actually dry the skin (see Reference 1). Minimally rinse for healthier and smoother skin. When you shower, use warm water and apply a moisturizing lotion for face and body immediately after.

Dress properly

Proper winter clothing protects your body from prolonged exposure to cold. Select warm, comfortable clothing during the winter months. While wool is one of the warmest fabrics, it can cause irritation and itching, so opt for a nicer fabric like cotton and wears several layers (see Reference 2). Before venturing outdoors, choose a warm scarf to cover your face. This will reduce the chances of windburn. Also select a comfortable pair of gloves to keep your hands and nails soft and prevent cracking.

Sleep Well

Get enough sleep during the winter to increase your energy, but prevents overheating of your body while you rest. Select a light blanket to keep you warm, but not hot .

Use a humidifier
Use a humidifier during the months when the natural humidity is low (see Reference 4). Place the humidifier in the room you spend the most time. You should clean your humidifier on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Use lip balm

Dry and chapped lips can be unpleasant and even painful. During the harsh winter months, the lips are especially prone to dry. Use a moisturizing lip balm daily, even when your lips do not feel chapped (see Reference 3). Additional protection minimizes dry lips, keeping your lips moisturized. The lip balm is available in a variety of flavors and aromas, such as soda and fruit that you may love to use them daily.