Last year necklines at the back I began to take prominence in many looks of celebrities, street styles and proposals that many shops we brought for spring-summer. But this year its boom is even greater, and celebrities have become good echo of this in recent awards, galas and events that we have seen.

At the Oscars, for example, we could see Anne Hathaway wearing a lovely dress with back on the air. But she is not the only one, the red carpets have left us perched and precious behind, and we find the perfect touch to a simple dress.

Back on the air

As Angelina Jolie has “patent” posed showing leg with lateral openings dresses of infarction, this kind of perched teaching back has earned it is Elsa Pataky. She you should just bring back to expose or not, her pose on his back by turning his head and looking at the camera over his shoulder already it is legendary.

So if you would like “pose to the Pataky” and show off your back this summer wherever you go, takes note of the selection of dresses that with your back to the air that we have done for you.

If you have an event of night, evening wedding or a gala dinner, the long dresses always are the most successful option. Bet on them as well as many celebrities and looks your back with a fantastic cleavage. Sure that you will be the feeling of the night and your style will triumph. If you want to give it a more original, includes a hanging semilargo (depending on the neckline) thrown backwards.

Cross back
I personally love this type of dresses, if I had to choose a safe dresses with backs on the air that would be this. Cross backs are more suggestive, tapan and teach at the same time. They seem much more youthful and more appropriate for day to day designs I like very much. Those who have selected my favourite is the last, black dress with a horizontal strap that crosses the entire back.

If you don’t want to hide your back, the dresses with their backs completely discovered are yours. From behind at peak in the air, to suggestive circles located at the center of the dress, surely you will find the right model for you. Seems to me very sensual the latest blue model of Asos that shows a little back with those waves that give a romantic touch.