What’s actually in that lip moisturizer you use every day? Could it be you’re spreading toxins and ingredients potentially dangerous to your health rather than pamper your lips with a bit of moisture? Use a lip balm safe knowing that is what actually contains this side of beauty.

avoid in lip balm


Toxins lubricants
Most people grew up with his mother used Vaseline to protect them from the cold, moist skin or heal burns and cuts. This solution has proven to be effective but not sustainable. The petroleum based products come from crude oil, which is a non-renewable and may be potentially contaminated with poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons chemicals cause cancer. You will not always see the word oil on the label of your favorite products. Also look on the label “mineral oils”.

Conservatives dangerous
To keep your favorite beauty product free of bacteria, manufacturers often use preservatives like parables. Parables can prevent products from flexing or melt, but like other preservatives found in cosmetics and personal care products have been shown to cause hormonal disorders and cancer in animals. There are natural preservatives on the market that natural and organic brands used to preserve the life of their products. Opt for brands “no parables” and save your exposing yourself to this potentially harmful substance.
Bugs in your balm??
Are you a lover of red lipsticks, color, or even a common balm? It may surprise you to know that the red color in your cosmetics, known as carmine, is typically made ​​from crushed beetles. Manufacturers are required to report it on the list of ingredients in their products, so it is easy to detect and avoid, especially if you’re not too fond of using animal products in your makeup bag. Stick to the ingredients natural and organic that give brightness and color without lipstick.

When in doubt
“It always helps to read the label for product safety because companies have learned to hide certain ingredients or calling them by other names incorporating the name of an ingredient, “says Steve Shriver, founder of Eco Lips, one private firm organic lip balm that produces this type of product for various brands. Looking for lip balm manufacturers that are committed to their customers, the environment and ingredients natural. Its still are not sure of your purchase, search the database group Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep, which lists the ingredients in the products and levels of toxicity.