Anniversary rings are popular gifts for women, especially for a wedding anniversary of 10, 20 or 30 years. Typically, anniversary bands are relatively simple, studded with diamond bands, or you can be a ring, three stone diamond. Options in modern wedding rings , engagement rings and anniversary rings allow you to choose colored diamonds, sapphires and other stones, if you prefer a slightly different look. Now you have an anniversary band, how you doing?

anniversary ring

Wedding Game
You can use an anniversary ring, as part of your wedding set on my left ring finger. In this case, you must use your anniversary ring on the bottom, on your engagement ring and a wedding ring on top of the stack. If you do not wear an engagement ring, you can use the ring and wedding anniversary together. If you plan to use the band anniversary as a part of your whole wedding, choose a style that fits well with your wedding ring and engagement ring.


Right hand ring
If you choose a more elaborate ring with colored stones or anniversary, you may want to bring your anniversary ring on right ring finger. That is also a good choice if your wedding and engagement rings are too big to comfortably add a third ring to the set or if you have chosen a very bold for your anniversary ring that does not match the wedding ensemble piece. Make sure you have your ring resized if needed, as your left fingers and right can be slightly different sizes.
Replacing your game weddings
If you have an old-fashioned wedding ring and engagement, you may want to just replace the whole wedding anniversary ring. This may also be an option if you want to spend your wedding jewelry to one of your children, relatives, or friends. If you lose your wedding ring, anniversary ring considered as a replacement. Many women are emotionally attached to their wedding jewelry and have no desire to change, however, if you prefer to use only minimal jewelry, this may be a valid approach to enjoy your anniversary ring choice.