According to the magazine “ Psychology Today “, both men and women judge the attractiveness of a man based on his personality. However, for someone really wants to meet you and see your inner beauty, you should find it appealing.


Practice good hygiene. Keep your hair, body and clothes clean and presentable at all times to help make a man more attractive and improve your confidence at the same time. Cut your hair regularly. Keep your mustache, beard or goatee neat. Brush your teeth at least three times a day. It uses a system of teeth whitening to brighten your smile, if necessary. Use antiperspirant daily. Use a soft cologne or body spray with a pleasant fragrance during the day. If you have acne problems, wash your face several times a day and apply acne treatments to minimize scarring and prevent future outbreaks.

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Take care of your body. Eating a healthy low calorie diet and regular physical activity will improve your physical and your mood, helping you to be more attractive. Limit your intake of salt, fat and sugar, and takes at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you are worried about your weight, talk to your doctor about an effective diet and exercise plan that meets your needs. Do not fall into the fashion of crash diets, and never try to lose weight  starving your body.
Accentuate your best features. Look in the mirror and discover your best features. If you have an attractive face, keep it clean shaven so that others notice your appeal. If you have beautiful eyes, consider changing glasses for contact lenses. If you have good body, use clothes that enhance your best attractions. If you are experiencing difficulty finding your best features, ask a friend or female family member to tell you. Even if your best feature has nothing to do with the physical, you can make yourself more attractive to others using your charming personality and your sense of humor.

Find your style. might have to experiment with different styles of clothes before discover what you like. Get dressed so neat; Garments mismatched, worn or inadequate sizes can ruin the look of any man. Invest in new clothes that fit you well and things keep clean and pressed. The clothes make the man, and if you want to become an attractive man should dress with sexy clothes.

Mind your manners. No matter if you’re as attractive as a celebrity if you’re rude and annoying. Few things can make women lose interest as a man who can not control their bodily functions or making sexual advances misplaced. Pay attention to the way they act around others. If you think you’re being rude, they probably are. Practice good manners at all times until it becomes a habit, and automatically you will become a man more attractive.