When it’s time to show what you have or announce what another person has, a poster is an ideal way to capture the attention of buyers and fashionistas. Fill the seats in your next show by a poster in Windows Paint. Paint may not be the best program in graphic design or fashion, but it offers everything to “fit” your needs. Use the Paint design options to make a poster for a fashion show and get ready for your welcome.

a fashion show


Open Windows Paint. Click the Paint drop-down menu and select “Open”. Search for a picture to put on the poster of the parade, like a model on a catwalk or a rack. Double click the image to open the Paint canvas.

Click the Paint dropdown again and select ” Properties “. Write the sizes for the poster in the spaces “Width” and “Height” as “18” and “24” respectively. Click on the “Inch” in “Units”. Click the “OK” button and resize the canvas Paint, which now show a lot of white around the photo.

Click the “Select” button on the tape. Draw an outline around the photo. Once blue dotted lines appear, drag the photo to the center of the poster.

Select a color from the “Colors” to the bottom of the poster. Click the icon on the ribbon bucket. Click anywhere on the canvas background to fill with color .

Choose a new color, one that stands out in color background, such as a dark paint if the background is light or pastel. Click on the “A” and the top of the poster.

Choose a type and a font size larger . Write the title of the poster, as “recruiting models for a fashion show” or “New models of denim reach the catwalk this Saturday night.”

Click below the poster. If you want to switch to a new type, font color and / or font size. Write the information in the fashion show, as the place, date and time, admission fees and requirements, search options of models and designers topics that can assist or allusion is made.

Click on a colored square in the “Colors”, you have not used yet, possibly one of the theme colors fashion show. Click on the “Brushes”. Click on the “airbrush”.

Click the “Size” button in the ribbon and select the bottom line. Click and drag the cursor around the edges and in the blanks poster to add an aspect of confetti or glitter. Keep clicking and dragging confetti to add more as desired.

Click the Paint button. Click “Save As”. Enter a name for the poster in the “File name” and click on the button “Save”.