As for most women, a little dress black is probably your garment choice when you get ready for a night out or when you do it for a dressy occasion and you have no idea what to wear. Wear a pair of heels is simple, but when you venture into the territory of the boots, your mind can reflect this lofty idea. A dress and boots? Yes! Take a walk through the inspiring ideas on boots, a new way to add accessories to your dress making it much more versatile.

dress and boots


Ankle boots
When looking for that extra oomph to your outfit and shoes are not an option, opt for a pair of ankle boots. These are the type that ends just below your ankle and are sometimes called “zapatines”, a hybrid between the boots and shoes. Let’s say you take a small dress short sleeve black with pronounced V neck and hem skirt. Put on a pair of completely black stockings and boots used by the ankles with thin heels black color saturated. Very elegant.

Biker style boots
Just because your little dress black looks very feminine, does not mean you push the girl factor. You might want to get to the opposite end of the spectrum to get a feel sharp. Imagine a tight black dress, strapless and frilly. Put on a pair of fishnet stockings and uses skin color boots biker style. Think leather boots dark gray or black that extend to mid-calf with buckle detail and chunky heel. Use a lip gloss hot pink for a more punk and feminine.
Carry a small dress black does not mean you show skin, you can still be sexy without taking minimum coverage, really. Start with a dress with a sleeve of three quarters, a round neck and full skirt that falls almost to your knees. Ponte black opaque tights and almost’re done. Use leather booties with high heels, for those with a cane that ends several inches above your ankle with a vibrant hue like purple or cobalt blue.

Boots over the knee
If you are the type of girl who loves to be fashionable, a pair of knee-high boots are not sufficiently provocative for girls like you. Imagine you’re wearing a black dress satin flapper style with a hem that ends a few inches above your knee. The most striking choice is a pair of boots over the knee high heel. Opt for matte black leather, patent leather or suede, which you like. That extra piece of skin ensures that your whole state reaches the va-va-voom.